About Us

The Heady Hive is a unique selection of high-end, handmade, collectable, specialty art, jewelry, and fashion by progressive visionary artists from all around the world! All hand-picked by sole proprietor, Max Ostrov, an avid collector of whatever happens to inspire him throughout his life, Max has gained a knack for finding whatever it is that he has in his mind's eye, or something even cooler, and at a good deal!  And through these dealings, he gained a passion for the people.  Whether it be artists, collectors, or interested supporters, Max found a family and entire community of loving and caring people, trying to make this world a brighter, more beautiful place.  And he works every day to expand the community, culture, The Heady Hive Family, and, simply, give back! Metaphorically AND physically!  He knew, early on, that he had to be a part of this thriving community, and decided to turn his passions for art, collecting, travel, and networking, into, not only a way of making a living, but a way of life!  As the family, collection, community and market grows, so does our search for innovation, hidden treasures, and more and more beauty throughout the world!  We thrive to deliver the very best by hand-picking only those pieces which we would keep, if we could keep them all (the dream...)!  We also try to sneak some of our own input in where possible/helpful, and love to take, productive, input and criticism from our clients, artists, and followers, as well!  We are here to help in every way! Educate, elucidate, relate, and provide both artist and client with the best services possible. We do our best to make sure everyone is happy in the end, and that this amazing community, which took Max, and the rest of our Heady Family, in with open arms, grows, and inspires others the way it's inspired us!  

We, particularly, carry/will be carrying, Boro glass art and jewelry, including- Pendants, necklaces, bracelets, rings, marbles, "gnarbles" ("oddly"- shaped marbles), paper-weights, cabochons, sculptures  spinning tops, collaborations,  hybrid art (I.E., Boro glass cabochon by one artist, wrapped, by another artist, and maybe even fabricated, by another...), wire wraps and write-wrapped jewelry, hand-fabricated "fabrication" pieces, some 3-D design, and, really, anything that inspires or intrigues us!