• Akio x Seven Redbeards "Chameleon Spine" Collab Pendant
  • Akio x Seven Redbeards "Chameleon Spine" Collab Pendant
  • Akio x Seven Redbeards "Chameleon Spine" Collab Pendant
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Akio x Seven Redbeards "Chameleon Spine" Collab Pendant

$ 750.00

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This is the last piece of the first set of collaborative pendants by these two amazing, visionary artists! We LOVE these pieces! They just scream "Space Shaman"! Which is our style summed-up in two words! And we can almost guarantee that you'll feel like a Space-Shaman whenever you wear this beautiful artifact! It's packed-with energy from all of the awesome gems, intent, and emotions that went into making each piece! This piece is the only piece of the series in this style, and features an anatomically-correct, Chameleon-spine/tail, with a gorgeous opal "Pineal Gland", or "Third-Eye"-encasement, vibrant Slyme-coloring, and immaculate green-patina electroforming with a black-tourmaline "heart-chakra" and "Golden-Appetite" (may have misspelled that...) "Second-Crown"-Chakra, as we like to call it, and next to that, blended-in with the green-patina, is a nice little chunk of Moldavite!  Just like a Chameleon, this piece hides all sorts of wonders! Unlike a Chameleon, this piece is sure to stand-out!  (Includes a special handmade gift/travel-bag, silver-plated snake-chain, stickers, loyalty-points, and chances to win more! As with all pendants... Exact measurements, to-follow! But for a size-reference, it is about the size of a Bic-lighter. Maybe a bit "bigger", i.e., a little taller and wider...) (2014)
Tags: Akio, Seven Redbeards
Type: Pendant    
Vendor: Akio x Seven Redbeards

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