• Ben Ramsey "Autumn's Opal" 1" Mini-Marble
  • Ben Ramsey "Autumn's Opal" 1" Mini-Marble
  • Ben Ramsey "Autumn's Opal" 1" Mini-Marble
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Ben Ramsey "Autumn's Opal" 1" Mini-Marble

$ 115.00

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This small marble (about 1" inch wide) by Ben Ramsey features intricate dotstacking over a clean, clear, Cobalt-Blue color giving it a natural, yet sophisticated look. And, of course, there is a small, colorful opal hidden at the bottom, in the middle of the dotstacking! Almost as if the dotsacking is building-up to the opalescent climax... This piece brings back memories of crisp days in Fall, Fall-leaves floating on a glacial lake... and that opal just adds-to the elegance, and beauty! It almost seems as-if the Opal is acting as a "black-hole" pulling the clean, round dots into it's "vortex", where they lose their form, and turn into something greater, as a whole! We just love how these pieces make you think, and the different meaning each person gets from each piece! Great prices for the quality on these gems, too! (All marbles include a stand, special, handmade gift/carry-bag, stickers, loyalty-points, and chances to win more!)
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Vendor: Ben Ramsey

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