• Ben Ramsey "Opal Offering" Dotstacked Pendant
  • Ben Ramsey "Opal Offering" Dotstacked Pendant
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Ben Ramsey "Opal Offering" Dotstacked Pendant

$ 215.00

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This is one of the first and sweetest pendants to be officially released by Ben Ramsey! It features, amazing, and unique, dotstacking with a clean opal-encasement, held between two hands. Just like in his other pieces, Ben manages to put a lot of work into a, relatively, small piece, and does it cleanly, and elegantly. We, particularly, love his use of white in the background! We find it really gives the pieces a gallery-look and feel... Grab these gems for great deals now! As Ben Ramsey, is starting to blow-up! You will definitely be able to find more of his pieces, and pictures of ones already posted, here, in the near-future! (All pendants include a gift/carry-bag, leather-cord or some type of equal or nicer necklace, stickers, loyalty-points, and chances to win more!)
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Type: Pendant    
Vendor: Ben Ramsey

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