• Berzerker Glass OG "Temptation" Pendant
  • Berzerker Glass OG "Temptation" Pendant
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Berzerker Glass OG "Temptation" Pendant

$ 400.00

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This is one of Berzerker's own "OG" images, as opposed-to using someone else's, as with the "OBEY" pieces, and many of his others! And, as "vulgar" as it may be, it's become one of our all-time favorites! The colors, and clarity in this piece are just spectacular! The image is one of the more-rare ones. In fact, we have not seen ANY others with THIS image on it! The image, if it is hard to make out, is of two dichroic "Devil-Broads" enjoying themselves hedonistically and sexually, surrounded-by amazingly-vibrant dichroic-flames! Another piece which begs the question, "What IS art?", some may find this grotesque, and others will fall in love! THAT's art! This is a rare, beautiful piece, guaranteed to attract attention, and conversation!
Tags: Berzerker
Type: Pendant    
Vendor: Berzerker

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