• Big Z x Aquarius "Opal Infusion" Pendant Collaboration
  • Big Z x Aquarius "Opal Infusion" Pendant Collaboration
  • Big Z x Aquarius "Opal Infusion" Pendant Collaboration
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Big Z x Aquarius "Opal Infusion" Pendant Collaboration

$ 1,075.00 $ 1,200.00

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The "Opal Infusion" pendant by Big Z and Aquarius, aka, Takehisa Okumura, feature an awesome, giant, opal-coin-encasement with two "hoses" passing fumed "energy" between Aquarius' Jet-Black and Slyme skull, and the opal... That opal is magnificent, and BIG! A brilliant-pink, with other hues, and hints of color, of course! The piece, itself, could be a metaphor for a lot of things, light over dark, etc... We'll leave that to the viewer to decide! But just look how awesome it is! This is a one-of-a-kind collaboration! No others quite like it, not that We've seen! It is on the larger side, but not too big, by any means, and is actually quite light, lighter than many of the "similar" collaborations! But definitely sturdy!  An awesome addition to any collection! And these artists are just gaining more momentum as they travel, collaborate, experiment, gain exposure, followers, and push the boundaries, always working to stay ahead of the game! They never cease to amaze us! We only hope to share the beauty and majesty of Glass Art, and the other types of "underground" art that go hand-in-hand, with as many people as we can! This piece would be an honor to bestow upon a rightful owner! It's definitely quite the banger, measuring 3.77" long x 2.56" wide x 1.49" thick, at its farthest points! (Includes a silver-plated snake-chain, special handmade gift/carry-bag, stickers, loyalty-points, and chances to win more! 2014)
Tags: Aquarius, Big Z
Type: Pendant    
Vendor: Big Z x Aquarius

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