• Cowboy x Northern Lights "Rippling Space-Glass" Pendant Collaboration
  • Cowboy x Northern Lights "Rippling Space-Glass" Pendant Collaboration
  • Cowboy x Northern Lights "Rippling Space-Glass" Pendant Collaboration
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Cowboy x Northern Lights "Rippling Space-Glass" Pendant Collaboration

$ 1,000.00

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This is a new, 2015, gorgeous, rare, gem of a collaboration between Northern Lights, of Japan, and Cowboy, of the U.S.! It measures 2.81" inches tall, by 2.17" inches wide, and 1.377" inches thick, from farthest-points. It has nice, strong/"thick" joints/connections, and general-glasswork, for better durability and feel. This is definitely one heck-of-a gem, and a hard one to let go of! We're sure the pictures will speak volumes! But this is certainly one of those pieces which really needs to be seen in-person to get the full-effect!

Finally! Northern Lights and Cowboy have done it! Combined Northern Lights "Rippling-Boro"-style with his "Space-Fuming" to create, what we believe is, the FIRST "Rippling-Space-Glass" Piece! The center-cabochon by Northern Lights, features a fantastic Star-Cut opal-encasement surrounded-by Northern Lights signature-fuming, with layers of UV-reactive fuming billowing up around the sides! There is SO much detail packed into this gorgeous gem! Of course, the piece doesn't end there, either! The cabochon is back-by two amazing, faceted, rippling-boro-glass "tiles", which seem to be fumed, pulled, and faceted just-right, to create the illusion of, what looks-like, either space or the ocean, particularly! Even the tiles ripple a bit! And, to top it all off, they've attached an awesome, Purple-Rain bale!

The pendant also includes a silver-plated snake-chain, special gift/carry-bag handmade in India, stickers, loyalty-points, and chances to win more! We are also looking for any boxes from Northern Lights that may fit the piece, and/or ask him for some more... If any fit, we will include one of those, as well! If not, we will include a well-sized "CannaCASE" with foam-inserts, and mesh inner-pocket (In Black or Forest-Green, most-likely...)!

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