Creep x Peter Muller "Insane Voo-Doo Clown" Pendant Collaboration

$ 1,250.00

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We are absolutely-loving these collaborations we recently received from Peter Muller! And this one is no exception! The attention-to-detail is remarkable! Every part of this piece has been sandblasted, after being intricately carved/sculpted by the two, which adds durability, scratch-resistance, and a look and feel, hard to find, anywhere else! The piece depicts, what looks-like, the head of a Voo Doo clown-doll ripped from it's body with one button for an eye, and a small, beautiful millie as the other eye (Was not captured very-well in these shots).  The piece is fierce looking and does a good job of adding to the unnerving-expression on the clown's face! He seems to be grinning with a maniacal, malevolent grin, with mouth sewn-shut, and a band-aid on his comically-large, classic clown-nose! And there's even more to be seen! Just check-out the pictures! (This collaboration is a 2015, and measures 3.97" inches tall by 3.54" inches wide, and 2.25" inches thick, from farthest-points. It also includes a special gift/carry-bag, stickers, loyalty-points, and chances to win more!)
Tags: Creep, Peter Muller
Type: Pendant    
Vendor: Creep x Peter Muller

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