Jesse Dodge x NVS Faceted "Fume of Life" Marble Collaboration

$ 350.00

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We absolutely love these hollow, fumed-implosion marbles by NVS, and think they are highly-underrated! Or maybe people just don't know about them, yet... They certainly will, soon! We have quite a few of these beauties to post! Some, half-faceted, some, fully! We think that the fuming and quality in these marbles is slightly reminiscent-of Rose Roads earlier fume work, actually! Real quality-work by two amazing artists, and the faceting really takes these pieces to the next level of Heady! The fractalization of the semi-symmetrical, almost honeycombed, Flower of Life-style, fume-pattern plays really fun and interesting tricks on the eye! And we love how each is similar, but wholly unique! We're definitely keeping a few in "The Vault", our private-reserve collection... These are actually only available here, at TheHeadyHive! As they are just one of our longer-term projects, we have in the works, and we collaborated the collaborations, so-to-speak! In fact, that is the case with many of our collaborations! Especially, lots of the upcoming-pieces! Keep checking-in, and/or sign-up for your chance at some truly-spectacular HeadyHive-exclusives! (This marble measures 1.38" inches wide by 1.38" tall, which is not an easy feat, considering the faceting! It also includes a stand, special gift/carry-bag, stickers, loyalty-points, and chances to win more!)

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