Josh Bonazza (JUBA) Glass Intaglio Marble

$ 300.00

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This awesome Intaglio Marble by JUBA Glass features Sacred Geometric designs, sandblasted into each side. One, a Flower of Life, and the other, a Metatron (Metahedran...?)... with a beautiful opal in its center! The "back" features precision line-work that goes from black to blue, to a sparkling "Emerald-Green" color backing the Metatron Intaglio, with intermittent lines of beautiful Steel-Wool color. A brilliant Black Marquis Opal is placed in the center-circle of the intaglio design on the back, and we find, that the "clash" of bright red opal, on bright green backing, really compliment each other, and the piece very well! On the "front" you will find green fuming rising from the depths of the marble, like a spectral tornado of energy, reaching for the flower of life that sits perfectly at its peak... The spiral fuming is done so well, and tightly, that it really does look like a tornado, or "layers" of fuming! At any angle, this piece is sure to please! The biggest concern you should have, is figuring out which way to display it! Switch it around, and your friends will swear that you have a whole collection of amazing marbles! (Measures 1.74" wide, and comes with a gift/carry-bag, stickers, stand, loyalty-points, and chances to win more!)
Tags: JUBA Glass
Type: Marbles    
Vendor: JUBA Glass

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