• Kelsey Alexandra "Void Catcher Talisman" Pendant and Necklace
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Kelsey Alexandra "Void Catcher Talisman" Pendant and Necklace

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This is one of the two "Void Catcher Talisman" Pendants by Kelsey Alexandra! One of our favorites! And another early release from "The Vault", or our "semi-private museum-collection" of unique, gems, and rarities, from our travels and dealings... This "small" piece is packed with meaning, magic, and mysticism! Best described by the visionary artist, Kelsey Alexandra, herself- ""19.5 " Beaded necklace ( adjustable size upon request )
Falcon Skull carved from wax, cast in Jeweler's Bronze, and plated with Copper on the beak and Buddhist knot (plated in 18k gold).
The necklace includes Coral and Wood beads on a waxed cord. The buddhist knot symbolizes The Way or the path to enlightenment. The falcon symbolizes grace, speed, and keen perception. The skull represents mortality, death, and the circle of life. Together these symbols create a story. This talisman is programmed to guide oneself through a symbolic death. Through practicing symbolic death we get a chance to shed our skin and let go of old ways. it allows our body to open up to new information. The tibetan or buddhist knot is meant to guide the wearer through that symbolic death safely. While the falcon brings grace to the process, speed of transition, and the ability to perceive the lesson."

This is a piece with loads of time, intent, energy, and life put into it! A talisman to help the owner to find and stay on their own righteous path towards enlightenment! True treasures, by a truly-talented artist! This girl can do anything!

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