• Know Ego Glass "Antelope-Squirrel Inline" Sculptural Functional Piece
  • Know Ego Glass "Antelope-Squirrel Inline" Sculptural Functional Piece
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Know Ego Glass "Antelope-Squirrel Inline" Sculptural Functional Piece

$ 2,000.00

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This beautiful piece by Know Ego Glass features some absolutely-awesome sculptural-work! He created his own take on an "Antelope-Squirrel" skeleton, by giving it actual antlers! The squirrel is a beautiful "Purple-Passion" color, which we love, and insanely-intricate! The piece, itself, also features some pretty-spectacular sculpting. With a sweet dual-perc-inline (two rows of holes going down the length of the center tube) like THAT, it's almost got to! The piece resembles a tree with curves, and branches where water can twist, turn, and dead-end, creating a bit of an "incycler"-effect, multiple "splash-guards", and just looks cool as it percolates (Water-tested with distilled-water)! The piece is also surprisingly-thick and solid, and includes a bit of an extra, hidden-treat! Can you spot it? There is a 14mm male-joint with a sculptural "dome" (non-functional) with a fantastically-realistic-looking Acorn hanging from one stem or branch! And the stem to the base, with its elegant horns... We just just love everything about this piece! The piece measures 12.5" inches tall by 6.25" inches wide and 4.5" inches wide, from farthest-points. Includes stickers, loyalty-points, one or more special gift-surprises, and chances to win more! (Disclaimer: For our safety and the safety of the artwork, TheHeadyHive.com, LLC cannot support, or be held liable for, any use or abuse of this piece. What the buyer does with it is up to them, and any repercussions are their responsibility. Must be 18+ years of age to purchase. By purchasing this piece, the buyer acknowledges that they have read this statement, and agree to it's terms. Thank you.)
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