LaceFace x Raven Johnson "Queen Of The Universe" Pendant Collaboration #2 Of 2

$ 2,400.00

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This amazingly-beautiful, elegant, and all-around heady-pendant-collaboration by LaceFace and Raven Johnson is the second of only two collaborations like this in existence! And the only one EVER available for retail-purchase!  We DID have the opportunity to choose between the two, number one, and two, which was a hard choice, but we really like this one, better... Just look at all the detail, time, love, passion, and energy that went into this beautiful masterpiece! The queen's crown even comes adorned with precious stones! This is a piece worthy of any collection or wardrobe, and fit-for just-about ANY occasion, from ballrooms to backyards, this pendant is sure to attract all the right attention, help you stand-out, make an impression, and a definite conversation-starter! The metal-fabrication also makes the piece more sturdy/less delicate, in addition to, being a gorgeous, handmade accent for the piece to be set-in, complete with necklace and adjustable-latch! Lacey's pendants are all very heady, and each has it's own "attitude", vibe, look and feel! This one happens to be one of our favorites, even as a solo! A MUST-HAVE for any true LaceFace or Raven Johnson fans! There's SO much to say about this piece, that we will have to hope that the pictures will suffice, and, as we all know, THOSE hardly-ever do any justice, as well! (The piece is signed and numbered on the back by both artists, and is a 2015 piece, acquired at the BIG Galleria Show! It also includes a Black Pelican-Case signed by LaceFace with a heart, stickers, loyalty-points, and chances to win more!)

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