Marcel Rensmaag "Lava-Stone Bracer" Leather Bracelet

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This awesome bracelet by Marcel Rensmaag, of the Netherlands, features a natural lava-stone from New Zealand, encased-in a beautiful borosilicate-glass cabochon, which is expertly-inlaid in hand-sewn and cut leather, which is surprisingly-durable (The owner wears his, all the time)! The cab is filled with billowing clouds of golden-fuming, with a dark backing filled with beautiful, technicolor-sparkles, reminiscent of crushed-opal and/or dichroic-work, but we don't think it's either... We think it is another of Marcel's "magic-tricks"! A beautiful color-pull, is our guess! As he is known, perhaps, first and foremost, for his amazing ability to transform the colors in glass, like no one else we have yet to see! Almost every detail is unique, in every piece! That's just one of the things we cherish about Marcel! Anyway, this baby is adjustable, and has two settings, in which, a small, but, again, surprising-effective pin is "popped-into". The smaller size is perfect for a guy with a small wrist, or a lady, and the larger should fit most thicker-wrists... We realize it is difficult to imagine the size, but, basically, it is designed for the "average person"... We have one or two more to post, soon, with different cabochons, and have one or two, ourselves! So, we know they fit, they are comfortable, and they attract about as much attention as a puppy on your wrist! (Please, feel free to contact us with any questions! This special piece also includes a special gift/carry-bag, stickers, loyalty-points, and, probably, a surprise or two... 2015 The last picture is thanks to Marcel!)
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