• Marcel Rensmaag Slimey "Peyoteye" Pendant
  • Marcel Rensmaag Slimey "Peyoteye" Pendant
  • Marcel Rensmaag Slimey "Peyoteye" Pendant
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Marcel Rensmaag Slimey "Peyoteye" Pendant

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Another sweet "Peyoteye" pendant by Marcel Rensmaag! This one has a bit of a "radioactive" look with the sweet blues in the color-pull, and the Slyme dots... The eye in this one is super life-like! It feels like the eye is looking right through you/into you!  An extra-special piece, as we hardly ever, see Marcel use Slyme or color-combinations like this! He usually tends to go for an "earthier", yet other-worldly, look... We certainly think he achieved that here, while also making the piece a little more eye-catching!

 Fetch a true talisman by a true shamanic-artist, based in the mysterious and mystical wilderness of the Netherlands, today! A style, and color-palette, which are totally-unique! We see a LOT of glass art, and can honestly say, that NO one else out there is doing anything quite like Marcel, to our knowledge!  We are so happy to have discovered him and his unique art, and outlooks on life. And to have the chance to share them with the rest of the world, here! (His pendants include a special, handmade gift/carry-bag, silver-plate snake-chain, stickers, loyalty-points, and chances to win more! On us!) 

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