Marcel Rensmaag "Solar-Bear" "Spirit Bear" Pendant

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The "Spirit Bears" are finally starting to come back out of hibernation, and are looking for new homes! The "Spirit Bear" series of pendant by Marcel Rensmaag, out of the Netherlands, are probably, his best-known pieces. And for good reason! Just look at these beauties! Marcel is truly a modern-day shaman, and his artwork reflects his connection to nature and spirituality, perfectly! He utilizes fuming, color-working, sculpting, and multitudes of other styles in new and innovative ways! His style is truly unique, and no piece falls short of amazing! Pictures really do his pieces no justice, as he pays special-attention to every fine-detail! We could go on and on about any of the pieces we carry, but we hope these brief-summaries, and pictures will suffice, for now, at least... (Includes a silver-plated snake chain, special gift/carry-bag, stickers, loyalty-points, and chances to win more!)
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Type: Pendant    
Vendor: Marcel Rensmaag

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