Northern Lights Golden-Filigree Space Marble

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This amazing marble by Northern Lights, of Japan, features a beautiful star-cut opal-encasement, centered in the middle, and surrounded by his signature-fuming, billowing up and all around, from the crushed-opal depths of the marble. Expertly-fumed, so as to be able to see the fuming from just about any angle! The back of the marble features some intricate golden-filigree, placed on a black background, making it pop! It's always hard for us to part with such beautiful pieces, basically, any pieces from Northern Lights! But so worth it to see others share in the marvel of his creations, and help support the progression of borosilicate glass art!  We believe this MAY be his first, possibly only, piece featuring golden-filigree, and we are certain that it is a unique-rarity!  (The way we had to shoot this gem, it was difficult to see the fuming and crushed-opal, beneath the first-layer of fuming, but they are quite easy to see in-person! Also, some of the filigree is difficult to see... We hope to add more, and better pictures, soon! But we have loads of amazing headier we want to get posted, and while the pictures may not quite do justice, whoever takes this treasure home, will be that much more pleasantly-surprised! The piece measures 1.80" inches wide/long, is signed on the back/side (2015), and includes a special, handmade gift-box with Northern Lights signature burned-in, a stand, special gift/carry-bag, stickers, loyalty-points, and chances to win more!)
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Type: Marbles    
Vendor: Northern Lights

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