Northern Lights UV-Reactive Space-Marble

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This, amazingly-dope, marble by Northern Lights, aka, Atsushi Sasaki, fresh from Japan, features a star-cut opal-encasement, backed by a fumey-vortex of fumed air-trap "star-fields" and UV, spiraling into a seemingly-endless "Black-Hole"! It also features his signature-fuming around the fronts of the outside; layers of greens, yellows and blues, as seen! The back depicts the phases of the moon, which, partially, glow under UV-lighting! There is a large, hidden, UV-reactive moon in the center of the back. as well! We wish we had better ways of capturing the UV pictures with good quality and are waiting on some equipment to do so, sorry! UV pictures uploaded ASAP! This glorious space-marble measures-in at 1.66" wide! (All marbles come with a stand, special carry-bag, stickers, loyalty-points, and chances to win more! This piece also includes a special, handmade box, from Northern Lights, with his signature burned into the wood!)
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Type: Marbles    
Vendor: Northern Lights

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