• Northern Lights x Koichi Yajima "Lockdown" Sherlock Collaboration
  • Northern Lights x Koichi Yajima "Lockdown" Sherlock Collaboration
  • Northern Lights x Koichi Yajima "Lockdown" Sherlock Collaboration
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Northern Lights x Koichi Yajima "Lockdown" Sherlock Collaboration

$ 1,500.00

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Here, we have an amazing example of Northern Lights and Koichi's styles! The Retticello in the cabochon that Koichi made is insanely-intricate, and beautifully-colored, as is the rest of the piece... The colors just pop all-around, even down in the bowl! The bright neons, line-work, color-pulls, cabs, and symmetry really stand-out on this treasure! And the feel in-hand is exquisite! This collaboration features three awesome cabochons; One, previously-mentioned, by Koichi on the side. Another on the front, packed with brilliant crushed-opals and hollow-implosions, creating a unique, and gorgeous look. And the last, is on the stem of the mouthpiece, and features Northern Lights' classic immaculate star-cut opal-encasement at it's center, and his amazing fuming billowing-up around the outsides and front of the cab, complete-with a starscape of hollow-implosions in the background! The piece has a huge, Slyme-colored bowl, surrounded-by a spacey color-pull which leads to a clear-blue section, then line-work of varying colors on one side, and clear on the other, which isn't easy... That leads-to a set of circular "ripples" of varying sizes and colors, and ends-in a nice, Blue mouthpiece, with a "lip-guard/rest"! She is truly a beauty to behold, AND hold! Shouldn't take long to find this gem a new home! The piece measures 6.5" inches long/tall by 2.36" inches wide, from farthest-points, and is signed by both artists on the back, 2015.  It will come in or with one of our quality foam-padded cases (model depends-on what we have at the time of purchase, and what fits, but we will make it one of our best and it's not included in the price, at all...), stickers, loyalty-points, and good chances at winning more!  (For our safety and that of the art: We, TheHeadyHive.com, LLC see and sell this piece as a collectable piece of art. We are not responsible for any use or abuse of our art/merchandise, especially, anything illegal. What the buyer does with the piece is their business and responsibility. By purchasing this piece, the buyer acknowledges that they have read this statement, and agrees to these conditions.)

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