Sasha Hess x Jesse Dodge "Fractal Fumigation" Fully-Faceted Collab Marble

$ 420.00

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This is the only piece we have gotten, thus far, that is fully-faceted, in this series. And, boy, is it a whopper! So many different colors and shades of fuming, that twists, turns, and spirals around and throughout the entire piece! This one has a really awesome look and feel to it, and features Sasha's new signature, too. We really love how this one came out! And the fuming is like nothing we have seen... It kind-of needs to be seen in-person to understand, but the deep-blue fuming in the center spirals outwards, in fume waves that look almost frozen... VERY COOL! We'll have to let the pictures do the talking from here... (approx. 1.5", exact measurements to-come. Includes a stand (Although it is not necessary, as it is made with one flat side, like a paperweight!), a special gift/carry-bag handmade in India, stickers, loyalty-points, and chances to win more!)

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