Sasha Hess x Jesse Dodge "Fractal Fumigation" Faceted Collab Marble

$ 325.00 $ 475.00

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This amazing "Fractal Fumigation" series, by Hess and Dodge, features Hess' amazing fuming skills combined with Dodge's insane lapidary/faceting skills! Expect a LOT more awesome collabs by these two, here, in the near-future! We have quite a few we still need to post, too! It is SO difficult to capture the beauty of these pieces on camera, but we're doing our best! They all look WAY better in-person! Particularly, this one! (All marbles come with a stand, carry-bag, stickers, and we always try to sneak in a little something when and where we can! Sign-up, and/or start buying now to start receiving loyalty rewards points, automatically be entered in raffles, giveaways, contests, and MORE!). (Just a bit over 1.5")

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