Sasha Hess x Jesse Dodge "Kaleidoscopic Chaos" Collab

$ 250.00 $ 350.00

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These pieces are so friggin' awesome! Hess and Dodge's "Fractal Fumigation" Series, brought to you by, well, us... Is a kaleidoscopic-wonderland in the palm of your hand! The amazing fuming by Hess is accented so well by Dodge's Lapidary/faceting/cold-working skills! Every change in light or angle gives you a completely different-looking piece. Kind of like having about one-thousand pieces in one! Or just one really awesome one! We'll let this one speak for itself, mostly, but we will say, that it is one of the only ones to use multiple types of fuming, air-traps, dichro, vortex, faceting, AND happens to be the largest of the cabochon/paperweight/"Kaleidoscopic-Worry-Stone" pieces, thus far! (Approx. 1.5" x 1") This one reminds us of a chaotic sea-tempest or space-tempest, captured and frozen in time. Then, faceted for our kaleidoscopic-gazing amusement! Cheap price to pay for something like that, if you ask us... But we're a little biased... (Includes a special gift/carry-bag handmade in India, stickers, loyalty-points, and chances to win more!)

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