TOME x Lucas Mahoney "ZAKRELLO" Pendant Collab

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Another awesome TOME x Mahoney collaboration full of spacey, fumey, carvelicious, goodness! This one may be our favorite, so far! The three "appendages" are actually carved on this one, and an awesome clear, reddish, purple-passion color, which clashes/matches nicely with the lemon-drop-sublime  color of the pieces holding them to the body of the piece. The body is just an amazing, intricate, fume-pattern we haven't seen before, that resembles something one might imagine if told to combine the image of a flower, and that of the "Flower of Life"... A fractal flower...? We'll let you decide! And then there is the "head" of the piece, a floating ghost, or "ninja" (Because it's sharp and dashing in certain lighting/angles, almost as if it chose to come into being and surprise you, just to "vanish" the next moment...), opal! This one, like it's cousins, "EVE" and "EVE2", has a hidden-bale, and is just BO$$-SAUCE! (51mm/47mm, 2.77" long x 2" wide x 1.57" thick. All pendants come with special bag, silver-plated snake-chain, stickers, loyalty-points, and chances to win more!)
Tags: Lucas Mahoney, TOME
Type: Pendant    
Vendor: TOME x Lucas Mahoney

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