Umetsu Satoshi x Northern Lights "Astral Rainbow" Pendant Collaboration

$ 650.00

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This gorgeous collaboration by these two renowned artists from Japan features some amazing fuming, all sorts of colors, two, stacked opal-encasements, and, while, technically, one-sided, both sides look awesome, and it can easily be worn both ways! We love the colors and opal in this beauty! Particularly, Northern Lights rare use of that beautiful Orange-Pinkish-colored fuming! A superb piece for any collection or wardrobe! And our first from THETA Glass, in our selection! (The piece measures 1.90" inches long by 1.50" inches wide, and 1.0" inch thick, from farthest-points. It includes a silver-plated snake-chain, special gift/carry-bag, special wooden box with burnt-signature by Northern Lights, stickers, loyalty-points, and chances to win more!)

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